Moscato – Yellow Tail

Moscatos are always a true beauty. They are suitable for almost any occasion and are good for any taste. The only problem is that sometimes they can be too sweet. Now, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could find one that is in perfect balance. Just the right amount of sourness and sweetness, keeping its elegance and finesse, but at the same be conceited, narcissist and above all charismatic.

This Yellow Tail is just like this. I am really surprised at this series of wine. Being Australian I did not thought they were too good. But I was wrong! I was wrong to the point of regret.

In a previous post I talked about the Shiraz, Yellow tail made me change how I feel about this types of wine, now I feel like I can actually like them. And with this Moscato I feel like Moscatos do not have to necessary be shy and playful, but that can actually be mature and sensual.


Fruitiness: 4.0

Sourness: 3.6

Sweetness: 3.8

Style: Light-Medium

Body: 6/10

Found in: Carrefour, Simple Mart, 7-11

[Note: Fruitiness, sourness and Sweetness, are a white wine characteristics, they do not define the quality of a wine]

The overall SunShower rating is: 


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This series of wine is delicious. 

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