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Pinot Noir – Cono Sur Bicicleta

It is technically impossible go wrong with this wine. Pinot Noir is a piece of art, always a little pricier, but it is worthy.

I had it for the first time, with a person very dear to me and the taste reminds me of the excitement and the beautiful evening. However, these nice memories do not hinder me of giving an objective review.

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Pinot Noir – Gato Negro

Now, here is the thing about Pinot Noir Gato Negro, it used to be my favorite. He introduced it to me, and we used to drink it on special occasions. I can assure you it matches perfectly the delicious parmesan mushroom and chicken pasta he used to cook for me. And sometimes with just a little chocolate it would be great. But that was then and my perception of wine has changed now.

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Pinot Gris – Bott Frères 

I should have taken a picture of this wine self-description. It was very honest.

Being made from the outstanding Pinot grapes, I imagined this white wine to be the magnificent Pinot Noir perfect counterpart.

It had a interesting smell, nothing I have sense before and at the same time somehow familiar. Of light delicate golden color, but it seamed a little bit foggy.

And foggy the taste was!

The flavor was exactly divided in three. The expected sweet and sour and the third was something different, something unknown and familiar.

Then we read the label, it said  ” smoky taste”. Exactly! That was it, it was smoky.

Not exactly the flavor one wishes to encounter in a wine. Oh the disappointment! But hey! maybe you like more that I did.

Here are its characteristics:

Fruitiness: 2.0/5

Sweetness: 3.8/5

Sourness: 3.2/5

Style: Light-Medium

Found in: Carrefour

The overall SunShower rating is:


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