Origin Denomination – Delica

Girls niiiiiight!!! What do you do? Get a white wine, of course.

Jessie and I were just looking for something nice and joyful to drink, and this was exactly it. Not to sweet and not too sour. Double layer only, grapes and some guavas right before the finish.

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Pinot Noir – Cono Sur Bicicleta

It is technically impossible go wrong with this wine. Pinot Noir is a piece of art, always a little pricier, but it is worthy.

I had it for the first time, with a person very dear to me and the taste reminds me of the excitement and the beautiful evening. However, these nice memories do not hinder me of giving an objective review.

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Chenin Blanc – Obikwa

My dear friend Jessie, is an exclusive white wine lover, and she got this one for the Eurovision 2017 night. She had previously introduced us to the Obikwa Moscato, which is a very good one, but with a bottle as beautiful as this, the Chenin Blanc is impossible to ignore.

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Shiraz – Yellow Tail

I remember when they first introduced this brand in Taiwan, the Kangaroo you see in the picture was everywhere and there was even a man in a kangaroo costume, as if wine was something meant to for children. After a while the fuzz went down and you could only find it in the supermarkets. I heard people talking about it, and I had always wanted to try it.

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Pinot Noir – Gato Negro

Now, here is the thing about Pinot Noir Gato Negro, it used to be my favorite. He introduced it to me, and we used to drink it on special occasions. I can assure you it matches perfectly the delicious parmesan mushroom and chicken pasta he used to cook for me. And sometimes with just a little chocolate it would be great. But that was then and my perception of wine has changed now.

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Merlot – Casillero del Diablo

Before I start I want to thank Grexxen and the Jessie, for getting me this piece of art for my birthday. Your friendship is the greatest gift.

In English, the Devil’s Cellar.

I first heard about this wine, when I was a child and saw and advertisement on TV. It told the story of the name was chosen. It had dark, mysterious effects and it was neatly narrated, to the point that I can still recall the voice and the story.

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Origin Denomination – Marquis Du Village

This was not specifically wine night, but it was “Black Mirror” night. We started this series while drinking Cuvée Pierre – Minerva. But it was not possible to finish all the seasons in one night. For installment 2, we were accompanied by Marquos du Village, a satisfying origin denomination.

Of dark color and deep smell. Very similar to a shiraz merlot, but fruitier. There isn’t too much to say, but that it was a good companion for the night as it was smooth and soothing.

Fruitiness: 4.1/5

Sourness: 4.0/5

Tannin: 3.6/5

Style: Light – Medium

The overall SunShower rating is


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Origin Denomination – Norte Sur

Today it is Mother’s Day in my country and it had to be celebrated with a suitable wine. But which one would it be? As I was walking on Carrefour, I was encounter by a delicious luring Chilean Merlot. And as you know South American wines are my fascination. I was about to take it when I spotted this piece of art. The reason it called my attention was because of the nice design in the bottle. I took it and, oh surprise!, it was Spanish.  Didn’t think about it too much and took it home.

I was about to open it, when I saw this other beautiful detail.


I pour it down and deep ruby came out. Where have I seen this color before??? Sauvignon!

Let me sip it!

Yes definitely Cabernet Sauvignon, but not alone!

What is that other flavour??? Is it merlot? Shiraz? No I cannot be Shiraz, this isn’t as sour. But it isn’t as soft as a Merlot. What is it? It is delicious. Like I could drink more of this.

I sat to write the blog and I finally realised this:


Something called “Tempranillo” blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. I was right!!!! It is somewhat satisfying as I just realized I am getting better at wine tasting. “Yeih!”

I turn it around and found the perfect description:

“…With blueberry and cassis aromas. In the mouth it is well-balanced with soft tannins, leaving to a long persistent finish.”

They have it in the sticker and it is sincerely accurate.

Now let me give you my own personal perspective, this wine is based on details. Everything about the bottle is about details, even the cork was delicately selected. The blueberries in the smell and the shiny deep blue of its color is not coincidence. I feel like the wine maker put a lot of dedication to produce this wine. If I had only read the sticker that says “Organically grown grapes and night harvested”, I would not have made it justice. It can be felt that it is a wine of details.

Fruitiness: 3.9/5

Sourness: 3.6/5

Tannin: 3.9/5

Style: Light-Medium

The overall SunShower rating is:



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Cuvée Pierre – Minerva

Movie afternoon with Grexxen and SaltyAvocado went from great to amazing with the mind-blowing series “BlackMirror“. Even though this is not about the series, I seriously recommend it. It is full of unexpected twists and exploits different futuristic and technology situations. Some of them in the far future, and they might feel like impossible situations, but they leave you thinking when you realise that it might already be like that. Some other episodes present situations, somehow technology-related and that they could happen now or at any time. If I had to rate this series, I would say that the SunShower rating is

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Pinotage – 56 hundred Nederberg

About three weeks ago, I was in charge to get the wine for the night. So, I dropped into the store and found a collection of Nederberg. They seamed interesting so I went for these two beauties.


I should have written about them right after drinking them for I have forgotten some of their features, however I have very clear the rating I want to give them.


Let me start with the Pinotage.

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Chenin Blanc – 56 hundred Nederberg

If you read PART I, then you already know that about three weeks ago I was in charge to get the wine that night and that I was lured by the Nederberg Collection. I got a Pinotage and the second one was a Chenin Blanc

I should have written about them right after drinking them for I have forgotten some of their features, however I have very clear the rating I want to give them.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot – Isla Negra West Bay

If this wine was French it is likely that it would be a Bordeaux. But it is Chilean, making it perfect, ’cause I am a fan of South American Wines.

It is drier than the Saga, but I was lucky enough to get it cold, so its fruitiness and sweetness came dancing around. Perfect combination of both kinds of grapes.

How can I describe its color? It’s dark and deep, but translucent and shiny when seen through the light.

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