Vintage Wheels

Having heard of this event several times before, I was very excited to go, and let me tell you I was not disappointed. It  was a grand reunion of vintage cars, Buicks, GMSs Dodges, Mustangs’, VMWs, all from the 60′ and 70′.  The oldest I saw was a ’63!!! Let me show you some pictures. … Continue reading Vintage Wheels

The Dragon Boat Festival – Euphoric and Exceptional

Oh the dragon boat! What a fantastic time to be in Asia, and in our case, in the wondrous Taiwan. This is a great festival specially if you or any of your friends is taking part of the competition. Even if you are not, you get extra holidays off, a night market that takes places during the day near your local river and Rice Dumplings, rice dumplings everywhere.

Eating at Nantai St.

Luuuuuuuuuuuunch time, but what should you eat? There is a great variety of food in Nantai St. that you just gotta love. But still, between all these wonderful choices you might not know where to go. Let me help you a little, here is a list of the restaurants I like best.

99 is just a Number, but this Place will Relieve your Hunger. 

How about some cheesecake? but not any cheesecake… blue cheese cheesecake!!!

The name of the place is just “99”. With its special and unique delicacies it make a perfect hidden oasis from the hectic life in the city centre of Tainan.


Interview with Adriana

A few days ago I was contacted by the high school from where I graduated back in 2007, for an interview.

Eurovision 2017 Final & the Uniqueness of Salvador Sobral

The song managed somehow to lure the whole world and win the Eurovision beating all the records with an outstanding 758 points! But how did he do it? And why didn’t an upbeat or political song win this year? (like most of other years) What happen? What changed?

An Undying Christmas Spirit.

Seven years in Taiwan certainly change one’s perspective and feeling towards this beautiful holiday. I have always love and enjoy Christmas, from my point of it is the merriest season of all. It is all about hope, family and a spark of magic. I simply love it. Yet being away from home for so long, … Continue reading An Undying Christmas Spirit.

Convenient Taiwan

If I have to describe Taiwan in one word I would chose the word “convenient”. Not only because the locals use this word to describe almost everything here, but also because once you come here and experience it, you will realize you have been missing “convenience” in your life. Last year I met some friends from … Continue reading Convenient Taiwan