Interview with Adriana

A few days ago I was contacted by the high school from where I graduated back in 2007, for an interview. I spent about my whole life in this school, and it is the place where I learned so many things. A highly scientific place that gave me the key to the world I am now. But of course, it took more than the key to get where I am, the support of family point to me into the direction of the door and standing in front of it I found the courage to go through it within me.

As it is natural, I outgrew the school many years ago, and I have changed and evolved in a million different aspects since I last stepped in the educational institution, but it is certainty satisfying to be mentioned in their media. I hope I can inspired the current generation and that my achievements can be a model to look up to, but mostly I hope that I am over-passed and that new limits are set.

Both the article and the video are in Spanish, but you should be able to see the automatic translation.

… and here is the interview in YouTube. The full interview was about 1 hour, but you can imagine that it had to be reduced, and it is now about 6 min.

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