About Poetry and About You

For G,

About Poetry and About You

By Adriana

The sieving of feelings,
The choosing of elegant words,
The juggling of meanings,
A window to the realm of thoughts.

I dare say this about poetry,
And I dare say this about you,
Like an embellishment of the real,
Or an enrichment of what is in view.

A sieve for the good attain,
Confident of the righteousness,
Barring out the ugly or vain,
Emphasazing the graciousness.

Yes! Your eyes see only the beauty,
While your lips express the ambrosian,
And your voice rejoices with the duty,
Of the precision of your words chosen.

As a gazer of your elegant mind,
To a treasure I daren’t compare it,
Since trapped in a chest it can hide,
And it is more like a window to admire it,
Open to an infinity horizon beyond,
Where chivalrous words gallantly dwell,
Matching your eyes, smiles and hair blond,
You are the poetry with whom in love I fell.

One thought on “About Poetry and About You

Add yours

  1. The greatest gift in life is to love you
    and to be loved back by you!

    Thank you for your extraordinary words!
    You don’t only flatter me, you elate me to the next level, cloud eight and beyond!
    I hope one day, I can express my admiration for your work as incredible as you do with this masterpiece!
    I admire your talent over all.


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