Petal Verses (100/100)

Monday, May 15th, 2018

Welcome to 100 days of petal verses!

From February 5th to May 15th – Day 100! LAST DAY!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the poems!

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After 100 days of flowers rhymes compilation,

this lovely serie comes today to its final creation.

But how to properly end this long publication

after so many hours of work and imagination?


With a rhyme to all flowers, I am choosing to conclude,

although I know there are many I didn’t include,

but please do not think of me as picky or rude,

a poem to each flower is a quest of  large magnitud.


But flowers are a never-ending art to admire,

with their many shapes, colours and sizes to inquire

their presence will my poet heart always inspire,

so perhaps one day, I’ll make a new series when required.


Petal Verses

By Adriana


Waking up in the morning with lilies’ sweet scent,

then discovering coquette roses were also invited,

while the tender hydrangeas insist the day to spend,

and the playful tiger lilies have my day delighted.


These good morning bouquet was only the start,

later, the most beautiful columbines I’ve ever seen,

the man I love knows how to spoil my heart,

and with the flowers I like, make me feel like a queen.


Out on the street, flowers, which names I am not sure I know,

but all together with the giggly daisies, they greet me heartily,

I just wish they would last even when there is snow,

but it is ok, because my orchids are waiting at home eagerly.


In an instant the call of my family with a smile on their face

holding yellow chrysanthemums, just for me on this lovely day,

with the gesture wishing me joy, success and a life of grace,

and with the flowers making this day special since it is my birthday.

Photography by Adriana

After 100 days, how do I feel? 


Have you even been to a magnificent play?

when at the end all actors come out in their own way,

waving thank you and good-bye but the audience stays,

hoping for an encore to aplaude and hurray!


Today, on the last day I am part of that crowd,

with all the flowers and poems on the stage so proud.

while a sense of accomplishment keeps singing aloud,

and with this last poem, I know this verses have finally bowed.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Petal Verses (100/100)

Add yours

  1. Dear talented Adriana,

    As just one speaker of the crowd, one admirer of your marvelous art, let me thank you for what you have given us. You did not only present 100 days of artistic petals photographs combined with heartly poetry.
    What you did, was giving us the opportunity to marvel at the tiny things at life, to admirer the overlooked and to just stop for a moment in our stressful lives and smile at what the gift of life is about, life itself. So thank you for all your patience, your endurance and your art!

    I am looking forward for the next wonders you will create ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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