An Amalgam of Guatemala’s Prodigy Orchestra and USA’s Rock

After a long time away from my country I was finally able to go to the wonderful national theater and witness a beautiful combination between Guatemala’s Symphonic Orchestra and USA’s Gun ‘n’ Roses.


I am not a particular fan of the band, I barely knew 2-3 songs, yet I had an unforgettable time because the symphonic orchestra was no ordinary orchestra, it was the junior’s. The first violin was a talented 13-year-old, who played beautifully through the entirety of the show.


And there is more… As a special guest there was Yahaira Tubac. If you are wondering who that is, she is the prodigy pianist who is only 7 years old and already surprising with pleasant delight the Guatemalan public.


Here is a picture of her receiving flowers, next to her, there is the talented young violinist.


Besides promoting the talent of these wonderful young artist, the reason for the presentation to feature them is because it was promoting using music as a way to keep children away from violence. This is a noble cause since the sad number in Latin America are that for every 5 murders 1 takes the life of a child. Sad but true! It is important to create awareness!


The sound of the classical instruments sounded beautifully, but it wouldn’t have been Gun ‘n’ Roses without the rock band.

They aren’t actually a band, per se, but they are outstanding artist in their field who were called upon for this assembly. Their talents combined transmitted their love for music, passion and made the audience cheer and cheer. They were going to finish after 1.5 hours of playing, but the crow kept asking for and more. They finished up with the well-known “Sweet Child O’ mine”.


I am proud of the Guatemalan talent. I am eager to hear and see more. So if you are in Guatemala, do not miss the opportunity to witness an unforgettable mixture of national artist playing classical instruments and USA’s 80′ Rock.

I wasn’t able to assist to previous presentations, but they have also covered music from Queen and the Beatles. I am sure that was also majestic.

I found out about this presentation though social media, but if you want to find out more about the local events check out this national theater web page, at the monthly agenda section:


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