Merlot – Sassoregale

It’s a dark shadowy night, no one in the street but the wind. You are alone at home, you try to sleep but something’s on your mind. You feel something approaching, the doors slides open. You want to open yours eyes but you can’t. You hear an animal, you think it’s an owl, it might an owl…….

Don’t worry, it was just a movie, mystery, suspense movie. And there was a perfect companion for it, this beguiling Merlot.

Let me start saying the label was certainly the detail that lured us to get it, just like the movie, it felt mysterious. Upon opening it, we found out that it was absolutely delicious, however a little too strong for a merlot. We tried chilling it, but we weren’t too careful and it became too chilled. It was tasteless! So we had to wait until it got warmer.

By this time, the movie was more than half way. But the wait was worthy, it turned in to a fine wine that I truly recommend but be prepared for a merlot with character.

Fruity: 4.3/5

Sourness: 3.7/5

Tannin: 3.8/5

Style: light-medium

Body: 5/10

[Note: Fruitiness, sourness and tannin, are a red wine characteristics, they do not define the quality of a wine]

Found in: Carrefour

Overall SunShower ranking

3.8 / 5

Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

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