Poem – An Uncontrollable Smirk

Imagine the love of your life being claimed by time. How many memories wouldn’t you have lurking about? Then years after you look at a picture and you remember all the feelings, all rushing out, leaving you empty but knowing that when you had the chance you made each other happy.

The Challenge: Uncontrollable

Proposed by: Grexxen, the amazing poet and even better friend

This is a poem in the shape of AABBA and this style is called a Limmerick

An Uncontrollable Smirk

By Adriana

Hidden in the dust I found this old picture,

startled I hold it while I felt my emotions a mixture.

I stared into your eyes,

blue as the high skies

and at those lips making that handsome gesture.

A half smile and a half too serious,

An expression everlasting mysterious.

Sweet smirk

Of lips that lurk

Without fail and  make my heart delirious.

It was a sweet, loving yet sadden bitter smile

With your mysterious beguiling spirited style

Everything was there,

Even a touch of dispar.

Because you knew destiny had a plan so vile.

Without the honor of wars as in olden times

Time claimed  you without the sound of chimes

Now without fear

And more than a  tear

I contemplate this sadness that my heart confines.

Without further doing I lose restrain of all the tears

But then I remember all the laughter of the good years.

It is you that I miss

Having you was a bliss.

Then I close my eyes and with an uncontrollable smirk I cheer.

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