Cuvée – La Cuvée Mythique

Totally unexpected. I saw it there and I was hesitating. But that owl was looking at me like, take me, take me.

I was good, it was satisfying, it was mystifying. With a dark steady color and cranberry hues.

This Cuveé was the appointed companion for watching the newest Pirates of the Caribbean. And just like the movie, it left us with a satisfying finish, one of those where not only the taste feels good but also the experience

Fruity: 3.4/5

Sourness 3.7/ 5

Tannin: 4.1 /5

Style: Light

Body 4/10

[Note: Fruitiness, sourness and tannin, are a red wine characteristics, they do not define the quality of a wine]

Found in: Carrefour

Overall SunShower ranking


Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

Thanks for reading! 

How about a white Cuveé, this Santa Margherita will not disappoint you. .

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