Poem – The Cabin

If you have ever traveled on an airplane, it takes nothing more than a glance around to perceive all the emotions. Some people are leaving, some are coming back, some have great plans, other maybe not. Some people took the plane because of sickness, others for business, others for pleasure, others for love. Everybody has a different story, different purpose and they all sit together in the cabin of an aeroplane.

The Challenge:

To enhance your creativity and not restrain

the Challenger’s Word might seem a bit plain.

Yet, let your rhymes begin their reign

and write a poem about an “aeroplane”!

Proposed by the never-seize-to-amaze blogger and poet Grexxen.
A poem on the shape of AbA

I give you,

The Cabin

by Adriana

Sadness, the tears, the sobbing,

the goodbyes, the promises,

the tissues falling.

Excitement, the smirks, the smiling

the dreaming, the joy

the giggling so beguiling.

Bravery,  the purpose, the walking

the serenity, the diligence,

the people talking.

All the emotions and nothing plain

all confined together

in the cabin of this aeroplane.

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