Rose – Fruits and Wine

There is one thing I have to say, the name almost describes this, actually it exactly describes it by a 50%. It is fruits, definitively fruits, but not wine, not at all.

I have nothing more to say than, don’t drink it!

Fruitiness: 2.2 / 5

Although it was almost only fruits, specifically grapefruits, there were not more layers, not even the expected grapes.

Sweetness: 4.9/5

tooooooooooo sweet!

Sourness: 1.5/5

maybe it was sour but it could not be felt with all that sweet

Body: 1/10

This is more like juice than wine. How do they dare to call it wine??? We had to mix it with Sparkling water in order to actually finish it.

Found in: Simple Mart

If there only there was a blog to warn me not to get this. Oh wait, you are lucky, from now on there is!!!!

The overall SunShower rating is


Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

Thank you for reading!

Once again, DON’T take this, but if you are looking for a good rose wine to drink, then how about this Berigner!

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