99 is just a Number, but this Place will Relieve your Hunger. 

Only the most special cakes and the very best of drinks. The name is actually Noventanove, which is “99” in Italian, and it was named after it’s address:

ZhongShan St. No. 99

Here is where you will find it:

It is located in the heart of the city, so getting there should be easy, weather it is by scooter, train or simply walking, but I would not recommend car, as the centre is always crowded.

Details! Details is what makes this place so outstanding that I felt like writing about it. Just look at it’s door. It is already welcoming you for an amazing moment.


I got in and I could not stop taking pictures at the details they have. It truly gives you the feeling that there was a professional designer and that altogether with the owner, picked up only the very best decoration and it was just for you

I believe they also have light meals, but I only had a most curious cheese cake and tea.

When you think about cheesecake, would it ever occurred to you that blue cheese could also be its main ingredient?

Well, this was a thought that had never cross my mind, and yet, this was my choice for today. Make a guess, good or bad?


It was absolutely delicious. Yes, it was blue cheese, but it was also sweet and rather tasty, I guess it is one of those things that you are just going to have to try.

The friend who took me had an outstanding Green Tea Cake, take a look


Matcha, another delicacy form this part of the world.  I love it!

The SunShower rating for this place is:



My mission is to go back and try one or their special drinks, because today my choice was Mt. Ali Tea. I don’t think I have to tell you how good is this tea, because I assume that if you are reading this, is because you are in Taiwan. Surely you must have already tried it…..


What is that?

You haven’t???

Wait a second… Stop what ever else you are doing and go your local coffee, or tea shop and go get it. NOW! NOW!! GO!!!!

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