Chenin Blanc – Obikwa

My dear friend Jessie, is an exclusive white wine lover, and she got this one for the Eurovision 2017 night. She had previously introduced us to the Obikwa Moscato, which is a very good one, but with a bottle as beautiful as this, the Chenin Blanc is impossible to ignore.

It was just what we needed, a fruity, lively, and cheerful companion. It was as it was singing along with our favorite contestants. “Yodelei, Yodelei, Yodeleiooooo.” [Romania]

Golden and consistent, this wine knows what it is made of and like a city light [Belgium] it is not shy about it. I am sure it not only matches those running on air [Austrria] Eurovision nights, but also chic meals when you look so freaking beautiful [Sweden].

Nice choice, thank you Jessie!

It seams that I am liking more and more these South African Wines, ’cause the Austrians one just don’t come easy [Australia]

Fruitiness: 3.6/5

Sourness: 4.1/5

Sweetness: 3.9/5

Style: Light- Medium

Found in: Carrefour

The Overall SunShower rating is:


Just to make sure, all those bracket [] references were because of a song played during the Eurovision.

Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

Thank you for reading!

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