Origin Denomination – Norte Sur

Today it is Mother’s Day in my country and it had to be celebrated with a suitable wine. But which one would it be? As I was walking on Carrefour, I was encounter by a delicious luring Chilean Merlot. And as you know South American wines are my fascination. I was about to take it when I spotted this piece of art. The reason it called my attention was because of the nice design in the bottle. I took it and, oh surprise!, it was Spanish.  Didn’t think about it too much and took it home.

I was about to open it, when I saw this other beautiful detail.


I pour it down and deep ruby came out. Where have I seen this color before??? Sauvignon!

Let me sip it!

Yes definitely Cabernet Sauvignon, but not alone!

What is that other flavour??? Is it merlot? Shiraz? No I cannot be Shiraz, this isn’t as sour. But it isn’t as soft as a Merlot. What is it? It is delicious. Like I could drink more of this.

I sat to write the blog and I finally realised this:


Something called “Tempranillo” blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. I was right!!!! It is somewhat satisfying as I just realized I am getting better at wine tasting. “Yeih!”

I turn it around and found the perfect description:

“…With blueberry and cassis aromas. In the mouth it is well-balanced with soft tannins, leaving to a long persistent finish.”

They have it in the sticker and it is sincerely accurate.

Now let me give you my own personal perspective, this wine is based on details. Everything about the bottle is about details, even the cork was delicately selected. The blueberries in the smell and the shiny deep blue of its color is not coincidence. I feel like the wine maker put a lot of dedication to produce this wine. If I had only read the sticker that says “Organically grown grapes and night harvested”, I would not have made it justice. It can be felt that it is a wine of details.

Fruitiness: 3.9/5

Sourness: 3.6/5

Tannin: 3.9/5

Style: Light-Medium

The overall SunShower rating is:



Thank you for reading.

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