Cuvée Pierre – Minerva

Movie afternoon with Grexxen and SaltyAvocado went from great to amazing with the mind-blowing series “BlackMirror“. Even though this is not about the series, I seriously recommend it. It is full of unexpected twists and exploits different futuristic and technology situations. Some of them in the far future, and they might feel like impossible situations, but they leave you thinking when you realise that it might already be like that. Some other episodes present situations, somehow technology-related and that they could happen now or at any time. If I had to rate this series, I would say that the SunShower rating is



Black Mirror night was accompanied by fruity Minerva. It was a very suitable wine for the occasion, as it was soft and amiable.

There isn’t too much to analyse from it, as it was single layered. The only thing that came out was the grapes with a touch of cherries. A little sour at then end, specially when it was not cold anymore. But it had no finish and little tannin.

It is only 7.5% in alcohol. And it makes me curious that it is an Italian wine, but bottled in France and the back sticker is in Chinese. I guess it is just international.

Fruitiness: 4.8/5

Sourness: 3.4/5

Tannin: 2.4/5

Style: Light

Body: 2/10

Found in: 7-11

The overall SunShower Rating is :


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