Chenin Blanc – 56 hundred Nederberg

If you read PART I, then you already know that about three weeks ago I was in charge to get the wine that night and that I was lured by the Nederberg Collection. I got a Pinotage and the second one was a Chenin Blanc

I should have written about them right after drinking them for I have forgotten some of their features, however I have very clear the rating I want to give them.


The Chenin blanc is a grape from_______________? I challenge you to guess (NO GOOGLE) and write in the comments the origin of this kind of grapes. It has been one of the fruitiest wines, as it was possible to distinguish apples but it also tasted at ripped peaches and old sour grapes. The finish was its master piece; I remember it being quite enjoyable and lasting.  And although it is nothing outstanding, it is a smooth wine to drink with a soft mean. Perhaps the part that I enjoy the most was that it wasn’t too sweet as other white ones.

Fruitiness: 4.6/5

Sourness: 4.2/5

Sweetness: 3.5/5

Style: Light-Medium

Found in: PX MART

The Overall SunShower rating is


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3 thoughts on “Chenin Blanc – 56 hundred Nederberg

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  2. Due to my pronunciation of the grapes as something as “shaneau bloh” (French never write the same as they speak), I would guess the origin of the grapes somewhere around France, most probably Rhône-area. But it is just a guess =)

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