Origin Denomination – Pierre de Montmaurels

So, every now and then, amazing people from STUST in Tainan, get together in this fantastic place, better know as Family Mart. Here we share great time laughs, telling stories and enjoying each other company. Between the things that we share is food and drinks.

Yesterday Captain Karl and Sweet Kitty got this beguiling Red Wine. My reaction was ” Ooooh! An Origin Denomination!!! Those are the most captivating wines of all”. Origin Denomination Wines are all those that aren’t under any grape category, like Merlot, or Pinot Noir. Wine makers use different kind of grapes and sometimes different kind of process to make this wines and so the result is something very different and unique. For sure, there are some very good ones, and others not so much, but still, I find them very artistic.

Dark deep purple-red color and of sweet smell. Fruity, perhaps the fruitiest one of all. And not only grapes, but I could definitely smell some berries, apples and even plums.

The taste was not less, the grape was the leader of the parade, but all the other fruits were following behind.   Some wines need lower temperatures for being pleasant, but this one was good, even at the hot weather we had yesterday. Thank you Karl and Kitty.

Fruitiness: 3.7/5

Sourness: 4.1/5

Tanning: 3.6/5

Style: Light

BODY:  4/10

Found in: Simple Mart, Carrefour

The overall SunShower Rating is:


Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

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I would like to have more Origin Denomination Wines, do you know any? Please leave your comments.


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