Bordeaux – Saga

RED WINE NIGHT! That’s what it was meant to be. Mainly because of two big reasons:

1. We have been having whites and recently roses

2. When I was in Dominican Republic, I brought back a curious magical bottle for Grexxen. It has roots and other twigs. The very first time, you are suppose to fill it with a red wine and leave it for 1 week, after that that you can fill it with any other types of alcohol and get shots every 3 days. We have to try it, right?

But still we wanted to have a nice good one and the selection was this Saga Bordeaux, from the Rothschild. It sounded promising and it was.

Bordeaux Wines are all so special because they all from the same region in France. They are a blend of different types of grapes, but usually of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. There is a river in this region and this divides the grapes. Usually the merlot are on side and the Cabernet Sauvignon on the other side.

The name “Saga” on the bottle reminded me of a book I read once. AURA, from the Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes. In the book the old mystical lady had a rabbit named Saga, which means magician. The book is short, it starts slow but you easily get involve. A little after the middle of the book it turn into a mystery and all get intense. It is impossible to put the book down at this moment. At the end, its romantic and satisfiying. With beautiful twist at the end and you only wish it wasn’t so short. This is exactly how this wine was.

Fruitiness: 3.8/5

Sourness: 2.8/5

Tannin: 4.2/5

Style: Medium

BODY: 4/10

Found in: Carrefour

The overall SunShower rating is


Click this link to read more about the Wine Ranks and Specs

Thank you for reading.

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