Merlot – La Batelière

Yesterday was a good friend’s birthday. Sadly, he is not here to celebrate with us, so that left us with no option but to drink in his honor.

We took a picture of our local wine selection and waited for him to chose one. First question of the night was, red or white? The answer was: RED.

As he was taking too long to decide, I started reaching for a Bordeaux, but right at that moment I got this Screenshot, with the message “the one on the right”:


Yes! A Merlot.

Great selection! Personally, I think that Merlot is one of the best companions for a soft wine chat. I have had this one before and I knew it was good. At that time, I did not rate it, so, for the sake of the blog, here it is:

The smell: Sweet and soft, but a little shy.

It is slightly more purplish than others but the moment it touches your lips you can feel its grace. As the names suggest, it is as if a boat is effortless being navigated through your buds, on a quite warm afternoon.

However, the finish (the taste it leaves after your swallow) does not lasts long enough. And it feels as if the boat arrived too quickly to shore and you did not get to see the sunset.

But I will say it is a good comfortable wine. and here are its characteristics:

Tannin: 2.8/5

Fruitiness: 4.1/5

Sourness: 3.2/5

Style: Light

Body: 3.8/5

Found in: Simple Mart, Carrefour

Note: The low tanning is typical from a Merlot. This characteristic is that’s what makes them so easy to drink

The overall Sun Shower rating is:


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Fruitiness: Depends on how many layers of fruits can be savoured.

Sourness: Degree of sour hues found in the wines

Tannin: It comes from the grapes skin, the more tannin a wine has, the drier it feels.

The above are the characteristics and do not define the quality of a wine.

Body: It is the maturity of the wine, how long does it feels that it has been fermented and it also depends on how watery it feels.


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