Moscato – Obikwa

Unexpected Wine Sharing – Part 2/2

Obikwa Moscato, from South Africa, is the second participant of the night. The first one was Santa Margherita Cuvée Pinot from Italy.

This wine, just as Frontera, is another perfect Moscato. As soon as you read the name, and you have to read to twice to make sure you are pronouncing it right, it feels as if you are entering and exotic adventure. .

I have read that white wines are supposed to have a touch of pineapple, but this was the first time I sense it. The pineapple spark is slight and quick, but it is there.

The smell: colorful.

This wine felt playful and you just got to smile when you take it. Perfect for my friend’s birthday party. At the same time, it was relaxing and soothing, I would also have it while reading or just writing in this blog

Sweetness: 4.0/5

Fruitiness: 4.3/5

Body: 4.2/5

Found in: Carrefour

The overall SunShower rating is


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4 thoughts on “Moscato – Obikwa

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