Merlot – Tambo

When I started this section of the blog, my close friends thought they would give me a hand with some wine tasting. I call it Wine-Tasting 01.  So we adventured into the local tiny supermarket. For those who know it, Simple Mart.

The goal of the night was a red and a white one. The white one was Cape Elephant, we had previously had it with Jessi and we just needed to have it one more time. So the indecision was, which red one? We did not have many choices, but we hadn’t tasted any, so any option would be a new adventure.

MERLOT! One can never go wrong with Merlot. And as a South American Wine fan a Chilean Merlot was the winner.

At this point I would like to stop for a moment and remember the very hard time we had opening these two bottles. We did not have a proper cork screw, and my friend Grexxen had to use a lot of strength to get the corks out, while Jessi and I hold the bottles down. But it was worthy!!!!

The smell: it felt quite exotic, but at the same time it gave me a sense of a wholeness.

We took sip and swirled it around and to get a glipse of its shades. The first thing I noticed was that it was low on tannin, that is typical from merlot, so … Congratualations Adriana, you can recognize a Merlot!!!!!! If this would be a video game, I had just leveled up!

It had a darker color that other Merlot, but just as fruity and soft. Here are the characteristics

Fruitiness: 3.8/5 

Tannin: 2.0/5

Style: Light

Body:  3.5/5

Found in: Simple Mart

In my opinion it was a little more watery and others, but it was just what we wanted: to be easy to drink.

Wine-Tasting 01, was a success, but it is just the beginning.

The Overall SunShower rating is


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