Origin Denomination Cape Elephant

It was girls night, and we were looking for a rightful companion. Would it be white or would it be red wine? Between the rage of wines that we had, there was one that caught our attention. It was a South African white wine with no denomination, however judging by its golden colour it seamed tasty, and it was definitely luring.

After my friend, Jessi, managed to open it with a not-very-good corkscrew, we pour it.

The smell: Soft, smooth and somehow sparky for my nose.

Perhaps it lacked a little bit of body in its smell, so we looked at each other and we knew that we did not have very high expectations,  but one sip and, oh surprise!!!! It was actually rather tasty. Definitely not Sauvignon Blanc, as it was sweet and not sauer as Sauvignon Blancs usually are, but it could have been a Moscato.

Sweetness: 4.2/5

Sourness: 2.5/5

Fruitiness: 3.6/5

Style: Light

Found in: Simple Mart

It was a great night and we were happy with our choice, in fact we wanted it again.

The second time we had it, was for wine-tasting night 01. After some discussion, we concluded that it might be a Moscato, but it might contain a higher percentage of water to be called that.

The over all SunShower rating is

3.6 /5 

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2 thoughts on “Origin Denomination Cape Elephant

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