Dominican Republic – The Warmth Island

Let me just say that with the word “warmth”, I am referring not only to the weather, which is just perfectly warm and not unbearably hot, but also to the people, who made me feel like at home.

From March 14th to the 25th of this year, 2017, I enjoyed this beautiful island and some of the things it has to offer.

The plane landed a little before midnight, and the people working in the airport must have been tired from a long day, yet they were smiling and welcoming. Have you seen those country advertisements where all the people looks friendly and amiable? well… I felt like I was in one of those advertisements. And I knew my stay there would be amazing.

This is my first morning in Santo Domingo


I was on a business trip, there was an expo and I had some clients to visit, so I could not go sightseeing too much, but what I saw was awesome.

An economy on the rise

Dominican Republic economy is rising and people is willing to invest on new technologies and innovative products. Being so close to the US they have inherit some of their way of making business.

All the people who I had meetings with were very friendly and easy to deal with, hard-working but not stressed, punctual and professional, but flexible, and over all smiling.

So, if you are reading this from a business point of view, then I recommend you to try Dominican Republic.

A place of history

Dominican Republic, and specifically Santo Domingo is home to a few of the “firsts” in America, for instance, the first Cathedral and the first military base. And they are taking good care of their historical places. The Cathedral even has aircon, and even if you are not a Catholic to make a prayer, it is inviting to sit for a moment and enjoy its beauty.


First Military Base, Ozama Fort

First Cathedral

Colonial Zone

It is a beautiful area full of shops, cafes and souvenirs. Walking in this area is a must if you visit Santo Domingo.


This was my favourite Cafe, Affogato Cafe.

Revolution and Patriotism

All Dominicans love their country, they are not only welcoming but very knowledgable of their history. And they are eager to share it with you. I know I might have missed visiting some places but the ones that I did were stunning.

These are some of the monuments remembering their independence and battles.

This is the independence park in Santo Domingo


And this is the monument in Santiago. Santiago is the second largest city in Dom. Rep. It is smaller, but also beautiful. On top of this monument you can get a view of the city. Breath taking.

Caribbean Island

Yes, it has magnificent beaches, white sand and crystal waters. And yes, people love to dance. Everywhere there is music, salsa, merengue, reggae, and the newest trend “dembow”.

But, if dancing is not for you, there is also the night restaurants and bars in the colonial area. They have live music, delicious food and great drinks. My favorite of these all was the “Pat’e Palo”. Which translated to English is “Wooden leg”, which as you can imagine refers to the pirates. How magical can this place be?

The only down side of Santo Domingo is the traffic, but they have Uber, which makes everything easier. And they even have Uber on Motorcycle.!!!!

My conclusion,

You gotta try it. You won’t regret it

Thank you for reading!

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Now, just for you, a Sushi Flower, from a sushi place in Agora Mall in Santo Domingo!


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