Souvenir Flower and the Molecule – Adriana

I am starting this section with my own very first tattoo, it is right below my current last one.

I dedicate my right foot to my career accomplishments. I had the flower made after graduating from high-school and as you are about to find out the molecule was done to honor the bachelor degree.

Souvenir flower

As an 11-year-old, I started designing a tattoo for my right foot. Many designs went through the pencil. As I grew up, the idea of what I wanted changed so I never decided on one, also you can imagine that my parents would not let me one. When I turned 18 and I graduated from high school I did an amazing Europe trip with my friends. It was the perfect moment. I walked into the studio, forget about my design and pointed at a tiny cute flower on the wall.

10 minutes later it was done. It was exactly GBP 18, and they were well spent. The tiny souvenir flower still brings me so many good memories.

But it is tiny, and it wasn’t enough.

The molecule

This one was just meant to happen. When I finished the last exam of chemical engineering, I had to honor my career somehow. The best way to do that was to tattoo Serotine’s molecule. Basically, and in short words, it is the molecule that allow us to feel happy, the happiness molecule. There are other molecules like this, like dopamine (pleasure molecule), adrenaline (excitement molecule), oxytocin (love molecule), but let’s not get too nerdy.

There were no cool designs on the web, or at least nothing that I fully like, so I sat I draw something that matched the souvenir flower but that would still be nerdy. The original molecule looks like this:

While getting it done I discovered that the ankle is quite sensitive.

Right before realizing the ankles are quite sensitive

Soon there will be another one to commemorate all the efforts done for the master degree.

I went to the studio with a friend who got an amazing little-prince’s hat as a tattoo… a hat, or a snake who ate an elephant?

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Have  you got tattoos? Tell me about them!!!

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