Moscato – Frontera

The Ballerina Wine

Many of my friends mentioned how much they like white wine and how they preferred it over red ones. However, every time I tried one, it wasn’t as satisfying as I was looking for.  Until one day that was in Carrefour and as I was trying to decide which new wine to try, I got a call from a close friend and he said:

– Go for a Moscato. – He sounded so sure about his recommendation that there was no room for doubts.

– Would a Chilean Moscato work? – I asked.

– Actually, that would be a the best choice. – He knew I have certain preference for South American wines, so he was even more confident with his recommendation.

I went home, open the bottle and it felt as entering to delight a favorite ballet. A magical story of sweetness and sourness. Fine and smooth flavors, beguiling music and a pleasurable finish.


It is a great wine and up-to-now my favorite white one.

Upon opening it, you can feel the light sweet aroma sliding though your nostrils. It’s color is light gold, like a morning sun.

When you take the first sip, the different layers hop and dance in your mouth like the ballerinas dancing in perfect unison and coordination. The ballerinas keep on dancing but the Pas de deux is the is the apex, sweetness and sourness. The finish is as enjoyable, even to stand and aplaude. The dancers make their final bow and you are left wanting for more.

That was a rather romantic description for a wine, but I truthfully enjoy it. And I think it would match any light meals and it is perfect of a night with close friends.

Fruitiness: 4.0/5

Sweetness: 4.0/5 (Which I consider to be very good, because Moscatos are usually very sweet, sometimes to the point of being TOO sweet, but this 4.2 is perfect)

Fruitiness: 4.3/5 (You can feel the different fruits, a little peach and a touch of pineapple)

Style: Light-Medium

Body: 5/10

The Overall SunShower rating is


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6 thoughts on “Moscato – Frontera

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