FORT – Gelato Afternoon

December 2016

You know how some people really like cakes? or brownies? Yeah? Well…, I don’t. I am more like the ice-cream type. I have tried many ice cream places in Tainan and  there is always the classics, vanilla, strawberry, and always, always, always Belgian chocolate. However I normally  go for the coffee flavored one, or something less conventional. And as much as all these flavors are fine, they can be very heavy and really sweet. Sometimes even the ice cream shop provides water along with the order, because they know it is humanly impossible not to become cloyed. Some shops have better ice cream than others, some have more choices or more toppings, but over all they are all very similar.

Fruity ice cream is not that common here, for some unknown reason. And, sadly they never ever have my all-time favorite flavor, -LEMON-. Guava is also good, but lemon is perfect.  It is refreshing, a break for the heat, an oasis for the burning sun and high humidity here in Taiwan.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally found the place for me, FORT, a place where ice cream is art. They don’t call it “ice cream”, they call it “gelato”. For me “gelato” was just the Italian word for “ice cream”,  but as they described it, gelato is the healthy version of ice cream since it contains less to no butter or eggs.


One of the owners, who is from india, makes the gelato from scratch and produce flavors one could never think of. One of the most outstanding ones is  “blueberry basil“. It sounds like a strange combination. But it was one of those things that you either hate or love and there is no middle point. The first time I was there, I did not get a scoop, but for the following weeks I kept on thinking about that beguiling flavor, until I was able to go back and get it.

Blueberry-Basil Gelato

Besides Gelato, they also have a section of coffee and some other snacks, like sandwiches and salads. Which might not sound like a lot, but in a city where good sandwiches and salads are hard to find,  this gives FORT yet another reason for being a little oasis.

Iced Coffee

The place is nicely decorated, at a first, it looks like randomly chosen movie posters. But once you get a closer look you realize that they are hand-painted. It turns out that just about two blocks away there is a traditional cinema and the posters were a gift to the place.

Sun Shower rating for FORT: 4.5/5

So? Are you looking for a great place to spend your afternoon? Oh… wait… I haven’t tell you where is it:


Tainan, Taiwan
Did you realized where is it? just in front of Chihkan Lou!!!!!!
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 21:00

Here is a little update:

May 2017

I was invited to do an interview with a Taiwanese friend and luckly for me, she could not know me better and decided that this place would be perfect for the activity.

They changed a little the decoration, now, instead of Fast and Furious, they have Suicide Squad.

This time I decided to have a Chicken salad, while some of the other girls had banana pancake and salmon sandwiches. I tried them all and it was delicious. but this was not a surprise, as I already knew this places is awesome.

This time instead of coffee I had a fruit tea. I would usually take it with some cinnamon, but I know Taiwanese people are not fond of this spice, so it was not a surprise when I could not find this taste. In contrast it had different hues of exotic fruits, kiwi and a little passion fruit, and of course the expected pineapple and and apple.

One of the girls decided to have some tea with Matcha cookie. (Matcha is the Japanese green tea, which is different from the Chinese/Taiwanese green tea)

This time they did not have the most delicious lemon gelato that I fell in love with, but it is ok, because hey had almond flavor and the surprisingly fenomenal Guabana, Guava and Banana.

*Insert guabana picture here!

Sorry! I did not take a picture, it was just too good and I finished it before I took out my camera. But, don’t forget to FOLLOW me and click that LIKE button for future updates.

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