Two extra days off – Day 12

Monday, December 8th 2016

Sunday was a normal day. busy with errands and house chores. We exchanged a couple of messages, but nothing too long. But then today was really hard.

Here in Taiwan, there are no Christmas holiday. They do not celebrate Christmas so the 24 and the 25 are just normal days. However being the only foreigner in the company my boss offered me two extra vacation days. Isn’t that great? Well, although I was very happy to get the vacation I was really sad to tell him that I will re schedule these days for next year. He was a little surprised but he understood, after all, they day after the break up he recognize my puffy eyes and I had to tell him what had happened.

If I took those two days off I would spend them alone, because all my other friends have to work. Besides HE will be in Taiwan around Christmas, if he hadn’t go through with his evil plan of break up with me then we could have spent two extra wonderful days together, but since we are officially not in a relationship anymore, it is best to be as busy as possible, specially for Christmas.  Being busy keeps me from thinking too much, keeps me from listening to sad music and it keeps me from crying too much. So it is better to have a lot to do.

After that conversation with my boss, I came back to my desk and the moment I sat down I started to cry. Cry in silence. I miss him and I would have really liked to spend those days with him.

What will happen when he comes?


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