The big problem – Day 4-6

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Last time I wrote I was still half around the world, but now I am back to Taiwan. The flights and the waiting felt eternal. More than 24 hours to get home, but I not complaining about the length, I have done that many times. The difference is that this time there was only question in my mind “What am I going to do?” His email, his words made thoughtful and unsteady. He is sorry for the way he behaved and he wants to keep going, but is it really worthy?

A great University like Oxford, where he is studying now, requires a great scholarship, and a great scholarship requires a great sacrifice. Next year that he graduates he will be given a choice, whether go back to his country, Ecuador, for 4 years, or pay back they full amount of the scholarship. He decided to go back, even though that is not very good for neither of our careers, but at least the debt won’t be there. And I was willing to follow him, to give up everything I have achieve, even my family in Guatemala, just to be with him. I was really going to do it. But now that he has let me go in such way, is it really worth to keep going after an apology e-mail?

I still love him, that has not change, but even if I forget everything, the big problem will still be there.


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