A Friend – Day 10

I met one of my friends yesterday. Well, actually, she was his friend first and then he introduced us. Now she is more my friends that his. It was like that for many of his friends, since he was not very constant and always a little reluctant to meet them.

We talked of many things and of course, we talked about him and the break up. My plan was to wait about one more year and see if could figure things out for us in that time, but he was faster. He said he could not fight the long distance anymore, that he was tired, that he had no strengths left. And then he changed his mind. Even if he regrets when he did, the idea had already crossed his mind.

My friend could see that there is a part of me that still wants to continue, but she can also see the big problem. The long distance and the 4 years that are ahead of us. This years we were lucky, we got to see each other 4 times, but if we add up the days, it is less that 60 days. But next year, it will be about 2 weeks and that will be it. How is a relationship like that suppose to work out?


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