A man’s pride – Day 2

Friday, November 25th, 2016

After the web cam break-up I could not help myself but to call my parents and tell them everything. My dad response was not more than “how wonderful, you will do better like this”. While mom carefully listened to me and hold my pieces together, for she knew I still had responsibilities to attend to during this trip. Mom is the kind of person who will always support me and enrage towards those who do me wrong. This time, shooting fire arrows at him would not help, so she just kept an attentive ear. And just like writing, saying everything out loud helps to calm down the tears.

For hours we spoke and came up with many theories on what could have been wrong. And what would have cause him to throw so easily almost three years of our lives, just by a web cam conversation. But then on the next day, after all the meeting had ended my boss asked me if I was feeling well. For he is very intelligence and observance. I personally think I was doing a great job on hiding my puffy eyes with make up, but my abnormal silence and furtive look betrayed me.  After I told him what happened he made a comment that kept me thinking and awake most of the night. “It is a man’s pride” he said.

My now-ex-boyfriend and I had a very modern relationship. I should explain in details but I will leave that for another post. I will only say that we started a long distance relationship 1.5 years ago, when he took the decision to do his master’s degree in Oxford. And although he has met a lot of interesting people and currently doing an exchange program he is still living a student’s life. However I finished my master’s early this years and I am currently in a good position, with decent salary, traveling the world and meeting all kinds of people.

When my boss planted the situation like that, then I realised that it is be entirely possible.  Even though it is 2016 and we believe ourselves to be very modern and mature people this could be a determining fact that cause him to act so sudden, selfish and immature way.  How disappointing. And still… just through a web cam?????


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