Just yesterday – Day 1

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

I do not know if this is a good idea, but in the past writing has always help me to digest and understand better different circumstances that I have been through. The only difference is that this time I will be publishing it. And perhaps these words can help somebody.

This is not my first breakup, but it is the first time it is not me who takes the thoughts into words and actions.

In the past I plan it. Calculate in which day will I make the least damage, practice it in front of the mirror so I use the least hurtful words and even chose the most suitable place so that my-soon-to-be-ex does not goes through a bad scene. But sometimes KARMA does not work back the good ways.

Just yesterday, a couple of days before the end of an important business trip he left me. I wanted to cry my heart out, but I had to avoid getting swollen eyes because I had important meetings that I had to attend. Woke up and put on as much makeup to try to cover the terrible tea bags and went down for breakfast in the hotel. I really just wanted a light meal and come up again, but as everyday during this business trip, I bump into my boss for breakfast. But I did it! I had survived breakfast and then just managed to come up to put on more make up.

The meetings went well. Those two were the last ones so right after everything was finished I could not hold it anymore.  How could he do it like this? Couldn’t he wait to see me in person? after almost three years I only get a web cam? where did all the effort go? all the time? all the promises? just like that! gone! how can he be like this?


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